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Abstract Tragedy



Abstract Tragedy

I feel like killing myself

I feel like killing myself

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All the taunts, all the comments that you pass,

Do you ever realise it can actually cause so much damage to me?

All of this hatred,

All the comparisons;

Do you ever realise 

That you’re hurting me little by little?

Chafing my heart -

Piece by piece.

Pushing me in the chaos of my own eternal darkness.

You tell me that I criticise way too much,

Don’t you realise- what you’re doing is the same?

You expect me to keep a smile on my face.

How can i? When my minds not in the right place.

Im hurting deep within and yet and you’ve got no clue;

How even will you?

When I simply try to hide it, 

I try not to show you.

Im getting tired of all this,

It is bringing me down;

Somehow i try to manage a smile,

Not show you my frown.

You don’t really know how i feel deep within,

I turn my pain into poetry;

l escape into a land I dream of - 

A land so colourful.

The same land which has now turned black,

Which was once so bright and cheerful!

The sorrows have blinded me,

I see nothing ahead;

The rose once blooming,

Is now crushed and dead.

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