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The Scotch-Irish Viking

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

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I Am Why

I Am Why

2 mins 296 2 mins 296

I am corruption, desecration and decay.

I am perversion, exploitation, disarray.

I am the devourer, the opposition of Truth.

I have the power to drain you of your youth.

       Who am I? I am Why.

       I am the shouter. You know me in your head.

       My voice is louder, There's no doubt of what I've said.

       I'm older than time, and the Father of disease.

       I confuse the speech of men, and their ideologies.

       I create devision, Feed the hatred in your soul.

       I influence decisions, politicians lead the roll.

            Who Am I? I am Why.

            I am defiance. Lack of compliance.

            The cause of imbalance. I tempt the Giants.

            I am the violence in your fist.

            I deliver the Serpent's kiss.

            I am relentless until I am done.

            I am forever at war with the One.

I am the blackness, the removal of light.

I am the creature, that lurks in the night.

I am your arrogance. Narcissistic way of life.

I am the one that's sent to cause unrest and strife.

I inspire decadence, self worship, and desire.

I encourage you to come and join me in the fire.

      Who am I? I am Why.

      I will give to you the carnal riches that you crave.

      I obliterate the sacred message, 'Jesus Saves'.

      I give you idols to applause, as they dance and entertain.

      I will be the twisted, contorted philosophy in your brain.

      At first I was subliminal, but now I'm in your face.

      Because of curiosity, I'm summoned to this place.

      Now I'm a celebrity amongst the highest ranks.

      Disguised as personal liberty, It's to me you should give thanks.

      'Do as thou wilt', my philosophy for man.

      Because I am the devil, fool, I'm your biggest fan.

      So now I finaly leave you with the answer that you sought.

      I'm the very reason that your bodies die and rot.

      I'm the one that robbed you of eternal life, you see.

      There's only one way out, but that secret stays with me.

             Who am I? I am Why!

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