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I Am OK With The Pain At Hell

I Am OK With The Pain At Hell

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Pain at hell, better than pain by kith and kin


The bones were getting brittle

The pace of walking slowed down

The sight was slowly fading out

Skin started wrinkling

And I thought I should

Ensure that children

Should not fight

For the wealth

Which I created

Sweating out my life.

When I breaths my last


Made all assets

Liquid, and distributed

To the children

Hoping that at least

One of them

Would take care

Till I breath

My last


One said

He can't for

He travels all day

Along and no

One to take care

The other said

His children are small

Hence he can’t manage and

I was left laundering


As the memory

Was shrinking

And the steps were slipping

Wondering what to do

For all wealth

Was lost for loved ones

And the loved

Were lost

For there was

Nothing perhaps

To be loved.


Old age perhaps

Is a curse

I pray my lord

I be taken


Not to give

Trouble to any

Be it heaven or Hell

I am Ok

As the pain

Will be just with me

And not to be seen

By any, that pain

Perhaps would be

Little less, than the

Pain caused by

My own kith and Kin.


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