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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Kajal Pawar



Kajal Pawar




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Isn't it necessary for all human beings,

To feel ashamed by their insufficient likeness,

For righteousness in this world,

And still breathe without being guilty.

I am burdened with brutality and cruelness,

To exert around people who don't care,

To establish polite respect for you, me and the whole world,

Who fall prey to their repelling indecency.

Let me categorize myself as a humanist,

Whose only continuous goal is,

To weaken the powerful hands who are constantly ,

A threat to this world and are robbing people of their dignity.

It almost seems ordinary to have a goal,

To serve community but that's the exact reason,

Why serving the world in reality is beyond extraordinary,

And above general vanity shown by people who think they do charity.

A single millionaire can duly vanish,

One million hungry people,

Who are just hoping to get the opportunity,

To use their undiscovered skills, hard work,

And fill their stomachs with self earned salary.

The Moon, The Mars, The Sun and the space,

Are invaded with pride as human beings,

It's almost strange that I am unaware of millions,

Who are desperately hidden in search for peace.

Tweeting! Posting! Clicking! Posing! unnecessary ugliness,

Of minds and hearts, everyday cannot be appreciated,

When the truth is far far away from your own minds and hearts,

Where you're craving heavily the likes,

The appreciation, the respect, the success,

And so calmly you do nothing,

Being capable of enhancing humanity!

I am sure,

Let me be assured and we shall walk,

The way to peace, love and empathy,

Together with an undisturbed journey,

To make even God's face glow with pride,

For creating us "The Humanity"!

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