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Joseph Zamba



Joseph Zamba


My Calling

My Calling

1 min 58 1 min 58

Its morning, again its work

I’ve barely slept 3 hours,

My PPE has been washed 3 times, 

The last time, I just stood in the shower.

I have no other ones to use,

Unless I put on promises,

That those politicians still abuse.

I’ve said my quick and silent prayer,

For those that died last night,

I thought that young one would fight back, 

Another time, I’ve not been right.

Dear God, let this shift have some peace!

We are all so exhausted from the strife!

The countless lines of pleading eyes,

The fear and loss of life.

I tried to find time for the shops,

There’s not much left in the fridge;

But by the time my shift is over-

I’m too exhausted, to begin.

I get angry when I see the-

Politicians on TV claiming,

We'll be alright, if we wear-

Masks and repel outside pursuit.

That might be ok for him,

Official cars and home in the suburbs,

Me? I am living in the township,

Where lockdown will enforce hunger on us,

Alright, the groaning is over!

I’ve gotten that off my chest,

When I joined it was my calling,

Not for glory or success.

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