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Ashwini Bhuvanendran

Abstract Tragedy


Ashwini Bhuvanendran

Abstract Tragedy

How I Got Rid Of It

How I Got Rid Of It

2 mins

Where did It go?

T'was right behind me! 

I could see It in the light. 

Though It was dark, my silhouette. 

Did It rise up to the skies, 

To join arms with others of its sort,

And lay a canvas for the Night? 

It loves to blanket me at night,

Only to shy away from the mellow moonlight! 

I search for my twin in the dark, 

Who always had my back, 

Played with me with its long, fat, funny shapes. 

From morn till dusk, every day. 

Our tiffs were funny, 

I would shut the light to tease It, 

And It would hide from its own color. 

I would fall for Its the company! 

For a thought of our severance ripped me apart,

And then I would turn to the light, 

To have It back, 

And without any complain,

It would come back, 

Just to stand behind me. 

Now my head is tied to my jaw, 

And so are my toes, 

I lie still, breath free. 

My poor friend still wants to play with me, 

It comes and sleeps below me. 

Always behind me, poor dependant thing! 

Go away, I can't tease you anymore, 

Nor can you make anymore shapes with me, 

Just one shape, behind me, in this flat box, 

Until it's open to the light. 

Go away, I dare say! 

It leaves without complaint, 

As my bones shine with an amber glow, 

I see It searching for me, 

It stares at the glowing embers, 

And it's enough to ward of Its presence, 

That is somehow, 

How my body got rid of my shy friend, 

My Shadow.

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