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Here To Beyond

Here To Beyond

1 min

I sought infinities,got despair.

Worried about the future,

Looked at the ayre already there.

Heart forlorn,

Mind figuring out what went wrong,

But never did it wonder what went right.

Careful not to hurt someone,

Careful to be empathetic and kind

But "Be kind to yourself"

I always needed the remind.

Apprehensive about the things that were not even in sight,

So caught up was I,

That I forgot to have a glimpse of the world,

Before my eyes.

Forgot to pay heed to the gravity that hooked me to the place

And how everything now would become memories,

I won't be able to embrace.

Clenching the sorrows, oh so tight!

Forgot to look bliss in the eye,

Scribbled poems,

Where depression roared,

Because well, never could I write about how happiness soared.

Never realised infinity and mortality

When combine,

Make just a small fragment of time.

Does it mean that infinity is a delusion?

No, but I was in illusion,

I thought of it as a happy place,

Somewhere hidden,

In the future's visage.

But infinity was after all just around the corner,

In the memories I forgot to cherish

And ran after dates, days and years instead.

The echos that still enthral,

And tie me to my happy place.

Beyond and past are just ensnares,

That play with our head

And we end up worrying about things that aren't even there.

Moments lived now, weave the thread,

And while the future, we dread

It silently ties the now to infinity,

Just trust the gravity.

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