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Her Seasons

Her Seasons

2 mins

She was an embodiment of Spring

On a bright beautiful day.

Breathing life into verdant leaves

Filling the fresh air with a sweet fragrance.

Tender flowers and twigs of hope bloom

On a crispy white page.

On days she chose her Summer soul

She was the dazzling sun of a warm morning

Illuminating the dark corners of my mind.

Sometimes she scorched like the midday heat

Enraged, ready to set a forest on fire.

Burning through my skin, as I perspired

Under her waves of heat and drought.

On certain days, she was of a golden hue,

Gloriously fascinating

Cool and crisp like Autumn air.

Shedding her layers piece by piece

Mature and ripe like autumn leaves

Leaving the tree, waving a graceful goodbye.

She looms large, an ominous dark cloud

Like the pregnant nib that withholds

From a parched paper, pristine and white

A sense of calm before the storm

And then she pours like a torrential rain

On a wet Monsoon day

A devastation of opinions and options

Clouding emotions filling up the pages

On cold Wintry Mornings

She was a frosty white

Cold and distant, senses numbed

Hiding beneath her cold feet

A whole new story, a free verse, a rhyme

While my warm heart patiently waited with faith

For her beauty to spring out, and unfold

I have learnt to enjoy her different moods

Swings and lessons that do not follow a pattern

Unlike the Earth bound to its tilt and axis.

Her whims and fancies are her compass

Her seasonal spells, non-linear, overlapping

Flowing, growing, fading, starting fresh

Or retreating back into herself, unfinis…

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