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Shijil P

Abstract Drama


Shijil P

Abstract Drama

Haunting Woods

Haunting Woods

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Roaming around and round and round

The beast and his hound

In search, to unbound

A human, no James bond

In thirst of blood

Loads of meat, redwood

In search, for a safe hood

Spirit, within am I good

Darkness rising, shivering wind

Patience dancing, I no hint

Whispers, it's all quiet

Flaming smokes, food stint

Birds chirping, leaves falling

It’s quiet, nature healing

Intruder, all I am here

Begging pardon, whom to hear

It’s been long since around

Someone is watching, for a wrong

Moving each step cautiously

A bet on my life, seriously

Deep in woods, we as one

Hopes up, awaiting the sun

Felt thirst, water dripping down

Silence in silence, I hear noises around

A sound, sudden fear

My horse changed the gear

All around stood still

Is there someone, up above the hill

I dripped in fear

Shivering, like winter is here

Unleased the gun to aim

No one heard, whom to blame

Dark blanket up over the sky,

Stars looking shy,

An Appeal, clouds to deny

Moon waved a goodbye

Hope to stay alive

I took shelter nearby

We three and losing sigh

Cozy around for a goodbye

That moment, I thought

If seen tomorrow somehow

I will just look up to the sky

And live along with this feeling

Until I breathe myself out

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