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Shijil P



Shijil P


Dream Girl

Dream Girl

2 mins

Yesterday night, I have seen her bright

She was the one, I dreamt till night

Her smile, her hair's, her looks, herself

All witnessing her presence

I was struggling to take my eyes off

My body, my soul was not ready to push off

I feared to reach her, to talk

But gathered that scattered strength

I walked,

Distance too short, but my steps unlimited

Walked a lot but still the distance, too short

Trying hard to make that mile

Just to notify and to justify, thoughts of mine

I reached, our eyes met

In summer, I felt that cold breeze within

Still, as silent, I am moving in your thoughts

Eyes of yours, in, I am seeing mine

I asked her, for a moment of time

We were along now, at one corner of the bench

In the silence of her heartbeat, I tried to hear mine

The sound of wind breached that

Hair's of her flying and floating

Like they were attempting to kiss the air

She smiles and the whole world took a pause, with my heartbeat for a while

My eyes inside her eyes

I have seen a shine

Felt like they seen, their ultimate truth

Happy in happiness they cared

Tears came out if I cried

Flowing in feelings

To find the direction

I am floating around directionless

To feel the unfelt motion around

May she understood my heartbeat

She slowly moved towards

Don't know why? My nerves forgot their senses

Quietly she leaned

Holding her hand on mine

Felt like I won a battle alone

Then her head lifted and she looked at me

Eyes on eyes of mine of her

Waves of motion were happening inside

But I felt a lot more silence outside

That moment everything was good

Like movies, it was cozy a lot

This moment I don't want to miss

As we were about to kiss

Only I focused on her lip and eyes

Rest everything so blurred around

We adjusted us very close

Seconds in the minute, I forget about hours

Suddenly I heard a noise

Disturbing a lot

It took me a while to realize the fact

I am dreaming, not living in fact

I will hold those scenes eyes closed

Till I really meet my dream girl

You are nowhere near but still, I can feel you here

Even if in dreams I have kissed you there

Happenings in happening so that it can happen

Somehow it has to happen

It happened for a reason

I am still waiting for that season

Will we be together

Or else I have to live with this dream forever?

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