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shruti chowdhary



shruti chowdhary


Hands That Never Left Us

Hands That Never Left Us

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We held their hands the first day at school

An aura of fear and apprehension

Tears rolled down our eyes

Left alone with a stranger 

Carrying the load of bag and bottle

As curious and annoyed one could be 

Was it the start of a new bonding?

As the years went by, you did us proud

With your guiding hand and understanding smile

Your undeniable style gave them 

Love and wisdom of life gently

Taught the value of reading and writing

Use your firm hands to break the fights

Gently you made them eat their lunch

No wonder, you made learning so fun!

You made them walk on a path of self-reliance

Cared and cured our precious possession

You looked and overlooked every bit 

Of innocent pranks of these children

You carved the dumbest of the dumbest fools

You became a role model

A true mentor and a motivator

Your words of comfort 

Instiled trust and confidence

You are a unique creation of God

Helped each child in believing and 

Building up their dreams

You are truly one to be admired

Higher tribute we pay you

We honour you day by day

On this auspicious day 

Happy Teachers day!!


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