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Greenery Shrinking

Greenery Shrinking

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Greenery . . . don't end it up!


Listen to the rhythm of the drizzles,

Striking free without any pain,

Drenching the heart of the Earth.



Patches of greenery around.

The solacing aroma of this wet musky earth

Rejuvenates my Soul.

Pastures of greenery shrinking,

The fauna & the flora,

Even squalls


 Their existence declines.


Disgorging the woods, 

The people down here,


Razing & Grazing,

The Beauty of the Ground.


Nobody cares what may happen next,

It’s just few articles and some touchy text.

Has anybody ever

Thought of the depletion around?

It might not take long,

When there's nothing left

Except barren grounds . . . 


Oh! My people,

Just listen to me

 Care for the nature,

   Care for the greenery,

Else the planet will lose its sheen.

© Ila Varma 28-01-2016


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