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Superficial Chase

Superficial Chase

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The castle of our ancestors 
Stands still amidst the fields

Once it recognized 
Our wailing, yells, and cries.
The place where we learnt 

To stand, walk and play

The fields, on which 
We rolled, ran and jumped.

Plucked the strands of leaves and flowers
Walked bare on the green grass
Carpeted with the droplets of dew
Sun-bathed   in the winter’s noon
Gazed at the stars in the summers
Leaving us mesmerized at the view.
We grew in the lap of nature

Smelling and breathing 
Spurts of fresh air

Diving, floating and swimming
Playing in the pools of water.

We flew far, 
Far away from the countryside
Leaving the pearls of life behind.

The dreams turned real
Monotonous was the life
Chasing the blues of city-life.

Life took a drastic turn
Locked behind the walls
Of the glam world.

Paying for the things, 
We got free

Names were New, 
For the things Old

Gym for Stretches, 
Oxygen Bars for Air.

Today when I stand before the castle
Adding and Subtracting
Accounting the Joys and Sorrows of Life
In close introspection I discovered
The losses outweigh the gains.

The times have changed now
Impossible to rewind.
I lost my originality
In adapting the superficiality of city-life.

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