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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Strings Of Love

The Strings Of Love

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It is The Day to Celebrate

I, today complete 365 days knowing you.

It is the Day, Today

I met you in Silence

I handed the fragile emotions stirring in me

In your safe & strong hands

I saw myself smiling with you

I found solace in your arms that circled 

I accepted you, choosing my soul mate

In the depth of profound feelings

I was dumb

I was naive

I lost my heart, missed a beat

I was surprised, awestruck

In Silence, the unsaid emotions shared

I gazed, amazed

In Solitude, I heard your voices echoing

In my lap, lied the profound essence of admiration

In my dreams, your images flashed questioning me the changes

I watched innocently with my lips tight

I started loving you, adoring you

I developed deeper feelings, my heart quipped

I saw trust

In you, faith building up

I curled my eyes, seeing you smile

I was stunned, bewitched

I believed, you will be there always

I trusted, you resisted

I insisted, you restrained

In misunderstandings, we drifted apart

I tried to reach you, you reacted strange

I continued my persistence

I was awarded, you recognized my efforts

I brought you back in my life, binding you

In the strings of my love, my love rebounded

I have lest in my share, yet I am contended

I continue to live happily, with the memories of you reconnected

I want you to be in my reach

In my dreams & desires

In anticipation to meet you soon sharing a cup of coffee

I roll my eyes and I say

I love you even more

I watch your reaction,

I smile and you grin from ear to ear.

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