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Sidhartha Mishra

Classics Inspirational Children


Sidhartha Mishra

Classics Inspirational Children

Grateful to You

Grateful to You

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Once a diseased bird met a pigeon,

while the later was flying in the sky.

Asked the former to the later,

that where was she flying to.

Replied the pigeon that she was going to

the heaven and would return after a few days.

Said the bird that she had no wings

and could not fly and was in pain.

Asked the bird to the pigeon,

to do her a favour.

And ask the god of heavens,

that when would her pain end!

Promising to the bird, off went the pigeon

high up in the sky soaring until she

reached the gates of heaven and

went inside it.

She met the God of heavens and told

about the plight of the bird.

God said that this would continue for

seven more years as is destined for the bird to suffer until then.

Dejected the pigeon asked for a remedy.

God said to tell the bird to always say

'I am grateful to you O Lord'

for whatever situation comes in her life!

Taking leave thus, went the pigeon back

and met the bird and

told her everything that God said to her.

Then she went away leaving the bird behind.

After eight days the pigeon was passing

over the bird's place when she saw

the bird smiling and feathers had grown on her,

And a small water body had appeared from 

nowhere just next to the bird's place and

there was plenty of food for the bird to eat!

Astonished! the pigeon went to the

Heavens and asked the Lord that there

was suffering written in the fate of the bird

for seven more years, then how such

a change took place!

God said that as the bird was always

grateful to the Lord for all that

took place in her life, the seven years

of suffering was finished in just seven days!

We all curse god for all the problems in

our lives, but we are seldom grateful to

Him for the good and happy moments

of our lives!

We should be ever grateful to the Lord

for all that takes place and for all the

situations and thus incur His blessings!

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