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Gone Are Those Days

Gone Are Those Days

2 mins

In the morning assembly

The teacher instructed us gently

Section wise we used to stand together

And have fun in the cool weather

Back to the class room

With an authentic perfume

Our day used to start with happiness

With a dream of success

The recess time used to be our favourite

And everyone's Tiffin was kept alright

Five hands in one Tiffin

And the fastest one could grab the dish from within

The PT classes used to be the best time of all

For we enjoyed it more than one could ever

The basketball court has a lot of memories

Ups and downs being a part of it

During our free periods

We used to play truth and dare

Asking silly questions to the other

Which wasn't fair

During our sports meet days

We used to enjoy with craze

Happily cheering each other

Though only one could win and smother

The annual function days used to start with a lot of


For which we stay enlightened

We used to practice the entire day

While one of my friend used to play with clay

From nursery to tenth

I have spent 10 long years with them

Happiness what was those days used to be

Which feels like a dream today !

Gone are those days when friendship had no boundaries

Limitless fun we used to have

Gone are those days when happiness had no limits

The days when life used to be perfect

Nostalgia strikes me

When I look back to my old school days

Missing every moments

Oh ! What sort of days they were !

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