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The concept of perception, 

Not everyone understands,

And with the absence of empathy,

Madness began...

We see the world in different lights,

A different kind of filter for each individual's eyes,

But some filters are rarer than the others,

Some more polluted, corroded than the others.

Madness - it's simply one of the rarer lights,

They can't imagine what sights you see,

You, a mad one, as they call you, 

See the world in its a monstrous reality...

Schizophrenia, hallucinations,

They anoint such complex names,

Reducing your senses, your way of living,

To nothing but mental diseases.

It's like your standing in a crowded hall,

Screaming at the top of your lungs,

But no one listens, or bats an eyelid,

Out of carelessness or sadistic fun.

You're not a defect, you're just different,

But they refuse to accept,

They stick to their oppressive rules,

Turning your difference into a medical threat.

Know this, mad one, the world is not,

As open-minded and full of thought,

It started and shall end as a mechanical menace,

Slowly poisoning all its tenants.

The human race is the smartest and most malicious of the lot,

Fast in mind, slow at heart,

But like stars in the night, you will someday find, 

People with the filter of your kind.

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