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The birds singing some stories of true love,

The stones carved with lovers names still lying besides the banks!

Even after many efforts of river, failed to bury them,

And so the saboteurs were not able to drown them!

The creepers decorating names on stones by grow alongside

These stories of love are alluring as of a feather of swans,

A white feather flying telling story of love and blunders !

It whirls with feelings and emotions and moving towards to the melody of love !

Lovers were unaware that their happiness is a mirage

And smiles on their faces,

Would bother evil eyes when they will notice!

Lovers sacrificed their lives to be elegant

It beguiles, cheated by back stabbers!

But their love was painted by hope itself

And hope never fails my friends!

And so they became love birds

Came again the lovers of previous life

Spreading these feathers again!!!!

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