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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!



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Jumbled-up all the fun.

The disease is called 'Think-not'.

A vagabond still believes though,

The horizon is earshot.

A girl weeps sitting there.

Of the fact she is aware

That she is alone unlike others.

Nobody is there for her.

The drunk vagabond notices

And then he beckons her.

She senses danger.

Yet considering a stranger

She comes closer.

The vagabond asks,

- "Why do you weep dear?"

- "I've been looking for days.

But I can't find a peer

Of my kind.” She says.

- "Why do you search dear?

The time will flow away."

- "I think of so many things

That I wanna share someday."

- "Why do you think like a fool?

If you don't, you'll get all,

Whatever you want and long

- A handsome plastic doll."

-"I don't want all those."

-"Then what? Only voice?"

-"You are right - a free voice.

Would you hear? I'll say

What I thought till today."

-"No dear. I'm diseased."

-"What disease? What's the name?"

-"Think-not' - a rare disease."

-"How is it? Symptoms?"

-"Time kicks, pinches and

Slaps hard on and on."

-"How strange? Dangerous?"

-"Yes, very contagious.

The whole town is suffering.

That's why I am fleeing

To a land where there is no time."

-"Where is the land of no time?"

-"Still searching, still searching.

I haven't yet found the thing."

-"Would you take me with you?"

-"Where would I take you to?

It’s not possible, I guess!

Tell me how I can spoil your flowery face.

I'm in a complete mess -

No house, no address.

I have only one friend -

The dust of the road to no end.

People call me mad.

Some call me drunk and bad.

As they say I don't fit

In their great land.

Also, I never wanted to stay with them.

Yet, my heart clings to my homeland.

-"Then why did you leave?"

-"There came the epidemic

Ruining the rythm of life.

The disease is called 'Think-not' -

A very rare type.

This disease touched me and

I left my homeland

To look for a remedy.

I'll go wherever I can find it.

Can you show me the way to the land of remedy?"

-"You are diseased, indeed.

You are diseased, indeed.

You have lost your sight

And the creative mind.

The land you are looking for

Is by your side.

Tell me wanderer,

'Will you take me with you?' "

-"Wait a bit, wait a bit.

Let me just think a bit.

Who are you and

Why did you come across?"

-"I am at a loss

And I want a free voice."

-"I am at a loss

And I want a free land."

-"If we unite and explore,

There will be sorrow no more."

-The vagabond looks

This way and that way for nothing.

The flowers are newly bloomed,

The grasses are soaked with the jewels of spring.

The freedom comes walking close

So easily!

The mind becomes burden-less,

Wonderful, wonderful

So easily!

Splashes of lake water;

Mirth in heart's chamber.

The horizon is put today

Inside two eyes.

The chirp of happy birds,

The tune of happy flute,

The hymn of young woman

Are heard inside.

The sight is of no control.

The vagabond thinks, 'let it roll.'

- "On this colourful day

It will take us,

Through the serpentine way

To a little happy nest."

-"In that nest there'll be light -

The light of our eyes.

The soft and blue light."

-"The free light, the open light,

The moon light, the star light,

The calm and the lost light

of free taste."

-"The joy, the free hope and

The free thoughts will come

One after another doing good to us and

It'll be the best."

-"Where are you free girl?

Please spread out your hand.

Let me touch and let me be

Blessed in free land."

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