Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Nivedita Mishra



Nivedita Mishra


Dreams To Die For

Dreams To Die For

3 mins

'Dream ! ' they say. & 'Make hay while the Sun shines. '

But how do you dream on cloudless nights... through drab & dreary wintery climes ?

'Dream Big !' They say.

'If not the moon, at least you'll land up among the stars, later... if not too soon ! '

And so I dreamed of something big.. biggest of all...

to fight against time.. even when my heart knew I was destined to fall.

The struggle wasn't an easy one though, for I had challenged God,

A dream to live half a year more... trying desperately to heal a body, already flawed.

I dreamt of walking down the aisle, dressed in black with a graduation hat,

Treading forward in eloquent style.

It's just been a fortnight since my doctor diagnosed me with this deadly disease..

& that's how my world turned upside down..flinging me hard... onto my knees.

I cried, I tried, I resisted, & then finally, finally I accepted-

That I were to live a short life, my dreams had been severed brutally by a sharp knife.

And so my journey began... to foil, with my efforts, the tragic horrifying, predestined plan.

I had my weapons ready - grit, determination & will...

And set to work, documenting my journey with my new best friends - my notepad & my quill.

And then it struck me, that I still had hope.

'A short life yes ! But not necessarily small..'

& this little thought gave me immense courage to cope.

I meditated fervently, urging the life forces to fill my hollow body from within,

Clinging onto each day, savoring each moment, spending quality time in this temporary inn.

Medicines, examinations, therapies, tests, more medicines..

& unbearable pain, were now, my daily routine.

All this however, could never dampen my spirit, which remained positive umpteen.

& miraculously I succeeded in trading a few more days,

As I waited eagerly with an undefeated gaze.

And the big day finally arrived, & I did go down the aisle,

pushed gingerly on a wheelchair, I saw for the first time... my dream come alive.

Dressed in black, with my graduation hat,

I witnessed it all - the grandeur, the laughter, the tears & light - hearted chit chat.

& then the time came to throw the hats high up in air,

And so I raised my hand too & threw mine as high as I could... while

life silently slipped away from my mortal body,

My soul departed peacefully, satisfied, on having lived a life well & good.

This is my story of fulfilling a dream I never thought I could...

Of preserving an intangible reward..

every threat it successfully withstood.

And today, on my epitaph people read...

'A fighter like none other who chose to bravely bleed, who died fulfilling her coveted dream.. Inspiring many with her eternal gleam. '

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