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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

sunil saxena



sunil saxena


Destroying Your Life

Destroying Your Life

4 mins

Destroying your life with just my words

Haunting your eyes with my illusions

I can feel the pain in your silent eyes

Watching me destroy your life bit by bit day by day

You languishing in silence since the time long, long gone by

Yet your silent eyes watch me in patience

Destroying your life slowly

Suffocating your happiness with my heart of stone

You faking your smiles in the embrace of others

Faking your passions in the arms of others

Losing your senses nursing my illusions

Hurting your heads against the brick walls

Hoping the illusions would go and you will pull away

But my illusions are haunting you in your dreams

You slit your wrist

Let your blood trickle down your slender fingers

With the painless feeling in your silent eyes

Staring blankly away from all the world with no care in your heart

But only pain of my illusion in your mind

I feel your pain with my heart of stone

Destroying your life with my words

Words are all I got to give to you

You telling my life with your words

Killing me softly with my own words

My heart of the heart of stone killing you slowly day by day

Destroying your life with just my illusions

Abusing your mind for my means

Using you as a medium for my brutality

With only my words as weapons

Making you shed your blood, for the blood of others who don’t belong to me

Destroying your life by just sitting in oblivion in a corner of the earth

These times don’t belong to me

I don’t belong to you

Just destroying your life slowly day by day

With no compassion in my heart for your soul

For the pain in your heart

For the feeling of love in your bosom

The silent tears that you shed when you are alone

Just fail to glisten my heart of stone

My silence from my lips becoming a noose for your soul

Your revulsion for me cannot stop you from nursing my illusion

You just can’t pull away from me till the deed is done

You have chased me through ions with only a pain in your heart

Now your faces are as they were once in time

Your looks adorn the walls of my cruise spacecraft

That you once let me cruise in

You charm me with your smiles

You fascinate me with your long soft hair

You infatuate me with your beautiful eyes

You intoxicate me with your grace

Yet I destroy your life with my heart of stone

Every smile you fake

Every sparkle in your eye you fake

Every twitch of the lip you fake

Every tear you shed

Every drop of your blood that trickles down your slender fingers

Every bitter truth you speak of me

Every hate you nurse for me in your heart

Every heartache my illusion gives to you

Every sorrow my heart of stone gives to you

I will be watching you

I will give soul to you, add my time of life to yours

I will make you forget all the pain

Make you leave behind all your sorrows

Make you smile from your heart

With the fragrance of the happiness of heavens in your noble gentle hearts

I will make come back stronger from your sorrows and your ache in your heart

To find real happiness

For every drop of blood that will flow down your slender fingers

I will shed more

For every pain I cause you, I will suffer more

For every strike of your head against the brick wall, mine would be hit like a drum

For every breakdown you suffer, I will suffer more

I will drink all your pain

I will shed all my blood for yours

I will gather all your sorrows as mine

I will suffer all your heartache as my own

I will suffer the blankness of your eyes in my eyes

I will lay on the bed in suffering, for all your sufferings

My heart of stone will destroy my life only

You will find a desire for life and true happiness in your heart

You will fake your smile no more

You will feel no heartache

You will find love in the embrace of others

My illusions in your mind will leave you

My words will no longer haunt you

You will be free from all bonds

I will be free from all vows I made to you

My heart of stone will no longer hurt you

You will be free from the deed

You will no longer be the means and the medium

My heart of stone, my heart of stone will only destroy my life

I will never hurt a hair on your head at any times

No matter how many times through the times you make me take the vows

The bonds you will bind me in with your delicate tears

Flowing from the nobleness of your tender soul, the gentleness of your kind heart

But this time I will break the vows, break the bonds

I will stay far, far away from you

With my heart of stone, in my soul only

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