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Democracy? What A Shame

Democracy? What A Shame

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The fear of isolation in the name of unity has left me fazed 

I can't say I'm surprised 

Not when institutionalized injustices have been praised 

In the past and the present 

All I see is torment. 

Minorities being forced out,

Communication shut down 

Democracy being burnt down 

Because burying the dead isn't what we do

Our religion doesn't allow it 

Hinduism deems it unfit. 

So we burn bodies of those we can 

We sit back and watch as the country chants 

Some in solidarity and some in praise 

We praise war and we applaud killing

We find this bloodshed so fulfilling

But what when it's our blood

Flowing freely in the drains of our streets 

We cover their bodies with white sheets

And say our goodbyes 

And we promise to avenge them with more violent ties 

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