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The Scotch-Irish Viking

Drama Tragedy Others


The Scotch-Irish Viking

Drama Tragedy Others

Dear Mom

Dear Mom

2 mins 227 2 mins 227

Dear Mom.

It's been a couple years I been gone.

I'm tryin' to wipe my tears, while I'm

writing this song.

I wonder how did everything end up

so wrong.

Runnin' from my fears that I been

holdin' so long.

Dear Mom.

I know you never wanted a son.

It's hard to raise a child when you're

alone and so young.

Tryin' to put behind you all the damage

they've done.

Done with all the years of being under

the gun.

Dear Mom.

I'm sorry for that little jaded child.

I know that it was rough to raise a

boy gone wild.

Days would go unending like a really

bad trial.

You would see the worth, if you would

talk with me a while.

(Small Break)

Dear Mom.

You don't know what you got till it's


I don't think you know, what kind of

cloud you live on.

Calling me a liar, when all my life

has been a con.

Your the one that played your own

son like a pawn.

Dear Mom.

Yes, I know that life did you wrong.

But don't you think it's time for you

and I to move on?

Yesterday the sun set, today's a new


Afraid to go outside because there's

snakes in the lawn.

Dear Mom.

I'm sorry for my hyper active brain.

I know sometimes you felt like you

were going insane.

But then I got discarded like a dog

in the rain.

You didn't even care and I was only


Dear Mom.

Tryin' to put to words all this pain.

I know that I'll survive, If I can only


Sometimes I get so numb it's like I'm

high on cocaine.

I suffer from the aftermath of

all that remains.

Dear Mom ×2

(Small Break)

My birth was never meant to be a

another source of misery.

I know it's hard for you, when it's his

face that you see.

I never wanted life, to be reaction to

your tragedy.

What's it gonna take for you to face

yourself that's in me.

You don't even know me, and this

man that you been dissin' on.

Driving in the slow lane, while I'm

blazing down the Autobahn.

I need you to explain to me, why'd

you hide the truth so long.

Always judging me,

When you're the one that did me wrong.

Dear Mom.

I guess that it's the end of the song.

The mess I left behind was self

induced all along.

I'll remain unbroken, 'cause my will

is too strong.

Leave you words I've spoken, as I

wave goodbye... 

So Long.

So Long.

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