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Sandhya Kadam



Sandhya Kadam




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When I say you Actually It's me !I just want to tell you that I love you, You Know how much I love you I Know that you love me too, It's always more than what I love you !

But times have changed you Now a days you are not you... things dazed you 

The gray and dusk around you Caught you in mess isn't it true? Don't worry, I won't miss guide you..

Please don't ever compare my love with others do to you, It's pure n shiny, very few can do unadulterated and fully committed non demanding, very true And it's only for you...

I just want to see happy you forever and always And it's very true!

Remember the way you were before Open, fearless and clear the fact I want you to explore;

I really don't want you to be loyal to me 100 percent But I want you to be authentic to me cent percent!

Because when you are obscure, It torn me apart, and makes me to fear

I can't tolerate and take you as unclear..

Please understand it sets me on fire

Cause you know, ambiguity kills us dear..

Please be authentic to yourself And also to me

Once you be authentic to yourself all pain is gone n you become safe !!

Every pain become easy to handle

Whether difficult, chronic or subtle

Tackling any situation is possible When you don't let yourself be in puzzle 

That's the only request I made, even in the past, 

now and for future

Be authentic my dear

Nothing else will I demand That the only thing I want

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