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The Date With Destiny

The Date With Destiny

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Freedom is the birthright of all you and me,

For are we not born free,

Then came the yoke of slavery for all,

But freedom is that which no one can stall,

India fought fiercely never giving up their right,

Great freedom fighters showed them how to fight,

For the invaders were told in no uncertain terms,

They were not welcome they were like invading germs.

For nothing could stand in our way,

For India was our country, we were ones who would stay,

They would leave our country, there was no doubt

Finally, we as Indians would tell them to get out

For that was our right, our destiny.

Our country men's great legacy.

A legacy left by great men who left behind,

Memories that will always be a part of our mind,

So in their memories lies the trials of freedom, to know,

In their honour, we should as citizens of our country take a bow,

And on this independence day the country,

Shall resound with a patriotic cry on the day we were free,

For freedom was in our legacy.

An unforgettable date, fifteenth August was in our destiny.

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