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Values Of Life

Values Of Life

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I was brought up under your shadow,

You thought me all about life,

About happiness, about love, and strife,

The love you showed me, I cannot repay in my lifetime,

I copied everything you did, for you were my role model.

Wanted to be like you so always followed you,

Till one day you gently told me, that I should be my own man.

There is a world waiting to welcome me.

Told me to follow my dreams to enrich my life,

Time moved on, took your advice, went on to be a success.

Saw the pride in your eyes as to see me rise in life,

The price you paid on my journey, was to sacrifice  your own dreams

Rakshabandhan day you tie the sacred thread of Rakhi,

I gift you a package filled with my love,

You open it jump  in joy,

Wondered then, wonder now, why you get so excited at a toy.

You are  like a small child once again,

You say,  Rakshabandhan brings out the child in me.

I thank her for the values of life she taught me.

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