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Anolkhee aarti



Anolkhee aarti


When Will The Fear Go

When Will The Fear Go

1 min

YOU came, it was a surprise,

Baffled every morning since then we rise.

 Faces that decked up and went out every morning,

Now had to be kept undercover to avoid worrying.

THEY are trying their best to help some breath,

Alas, doctors are human, all they can do is finally plead.

THEY stay out each day and night,

To keep us all safe inside n out of sight,

Policemen my dear are humans too 

When you Stay home, you respect them, you prove.

Early morning they pick all that you throw, 

Cleanup our streets till they glow,

 Not to let the diseases grow,

Cleaners my friends are gods gift too,

Just like, him her me and you.

People dying families crying,

Is now so common a sight,

Despite all giving the virus a tough fight.

Being casual although is a fashion fever,

Life of many will be lost forever.

No matter how intense may be your need,

Don't forget about their salaries their families feed.

Till yesterday YOU were in news and we read,

Today you have reached right under our bed.

What happens next by now we all know,

Be thoughtful n let your hectic life go slow,

Live in the moment though is a proverb,

Doing exactly that is now the need of the hour.

So come one, come all

Wearing a mask, not breaking rules at all

For the sake of all FRONTLINE PERSONA

Who strive to flatten the curve of CORONA.

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