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Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational


Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational

Crossing The Bridge Of Fear

Crossing The Bridge Of Fear

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The Past cannot be changed

 But you can definitely change your Future

 Enjoy every bit of Present, before it’s gone bid you farewell.

 Don't sit & cry for your failures in the past

But remember the lessons it gifted you forever

 Life gives you interesting lessons to learn in various forms

 Only you need to have acceptance for that learning

Don't fear to fail; don’t be afraid to fall just continue on that unexplored road of success.

You may stumble down in the start, but trust yourself that you don’t belong to that fall for long

 Life is meant to enjoy every bit of it, not only the success but embrace your failures too,

They not only give you better lessons than success

But in the process, they make you much stronger than you can ever imagine.

So gear up and conquer all your fears, don’t let the ghost of the past failure dominate you

 Give yourself one more chance; trust yourself more than you trust your fears.

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