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Rudrani Gupta



Rudrani Gupta




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Why is everything black and white?

Did your eyes not widen?

When the red hue of the sky, 

Painted memories of storm and light;

Did your hands not stretch to embrace?

The fluttering colours of the butterfly;

Did your lips not curve up?

To connect end-to-end with the rainbow,

And imitate a colourful universe;

Did your nose not sniff?

The rain-soaked earth, the smell of an intoxicated land,

Drunk with the wine poured out of the myriad of colours,

Dispersed in the porcelain of the sky;

Did you not see the colours? 

Did you not feel the limitless emotions?

Did you not think about those red, blue and green dreams?

Did you not know?

The soul is the colour of water

Paint it how you dream.

Not the patterns of checker board,

Just a splatter of colour is enough!

Life is not only Black and White.

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