Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Anubhuti Singhal



Anubhuti Singhal


Come What May!

Come What May!

2 mins

Mirror of my heart had smashed into so many pieces..

Some lay here..some lay there..

Quite many of them had gone out of reaches..

The face of the soul, at a time, had seemed perfect..in the mirror, when it was intact..

In the remaining shreds, now, I glimpsed, 

The distorted life of a being, barely existing..

The sprightly mind.. Got shut..in the lock of a wretched kind..

The happy key.. Got engulfed.. In the ocean of misery..

There were always dreams, in my eyes..

Dozing or awake, playing hiding and seek..

Faded, that universe of desires, in the bleak nothingness..

Sucked into the deep mires of acute unhappiness..

The tree of my life, it appeared, had collapsed,

broken by the tempest of heart ache..

Me, once towering, found myself crumbling, under the crushing weight..

Feelings, morose and melancholy, entered in, to roam..

Then made me, their everlasting home..

The chapter of my life was closed..Finished..

Or was it?

Seeking within..I perceived something..

The chapter had ended..but the book had not!

Wishes had disappeared but the hopes did not!

Heart was broken.. Senses were frozen..yet the spirits remained unbeaten!

Tired I, tried to tear down the tier of gloom..

Willing myself to be willing to look for a chance to bloom..

No more abetting needless guilt, no more hiding inside the not so soothing quilt..

End of those silly sulks and end of that pompous pout..

I was considerably down but not at all out!

I thought and thought about it right! Not to give up without a bold fight!

Searching for lost fragments, in the haze..that was not easy..

Finding and piecing them together, still in daze..was so messy..

The journey of rejuvenation was tough..The path to salvation was rough..

But it was worth the long wait..Under control was, finally, the elusive fate..

Learning was just beginning ..

Better late than never..I realised this forever..

Hurtful hearts could be healed..Sorrowful sadness could be sealed..

I found my way out of the confusing maze..Over came the moronic craze..

So it happened...

Desires returned with a bang..No more of dismal pang..

Passive me metamorphosed into ecstatic..

The euphoria confined inside the prison of deep desolation..

Broke the shackles to fly up to the sunny sky of exhilaration..

This feeling of elation, sweeping through me ,was a completely new sensation..

Heart throbbed with heavenly pleasure..

Soul reposed in divine leisure..

Eyes lit up like jewelled treasure..

Whole of me felt radiant!

Blissful me, could now see..

Having only one life to live, it is upto me..

To make it or break it..

Living it I have to ..sad or glad..

Enough of being woeful..I better be cheerful...

Decision has been taken...

This is what I say..

Come what may!

Colourful or grey..

Night and day..

Life will, always be, gay..

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