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The Real Champion

The Real Champion

2 mins

A world class runner he was, always first in every race

Frequently creating new records, always increasing his pace.

A road mishap brought a tragic turn in his life, one fine day

His legs were severely injured, and he couldn't get back on his play.

Joining back after rest, he tried hard, but kept losing

I lost my power, he complained, and my mind is not focusing.

Give up, he decided, I am lost and this is not my game

I'm a loser, he thought, I can't go ahead, I'm so lame.

Riveted in bad thoughts, he tried to hear his inner voice

A game caught his attention, and he turned to look towards the noise.

A cheerful amputed athlete, was playing soccer, his confidence sky high,

If he can do it, the racer thought, if he can achieve it, why can't I?

Why should I ever give up, he sensed, WHY should I just stop trying

Work hard, and then fail, he felt, rather than just crying.

I'll fight back, he shouted, and I'll resume my run

I'll never stop, how tough it may get, and I'll again be number one.

On he started and pushed himself, but his score was always zero

Ain't I giving up, he said, because I know I am the Hero.

Consistent as he was in his game, his efforts never went in vain

Changes started happening slowly, and he began to gain.

He started wining every competition, his achievements started growing

He finally gained his focus, and he gradually started winning.

To represent his country in a world event, he was elected

I'll give my best, he affirmed, as this was what I expected.

He started working very hard, and always kept his vision strong

He kept his mind focused, as he never wanted to go wrong.

I'll challenge myself, he said, after what has happened in the past

Never will I stop, come what may, and I'll let my belief outlast.

On track positioning himself, in the event, he was filled with confidence

Off he sprinted like a Victor, and he won, again proving his dominance.

Creating a new record, he happily jogged holding the flag of his Nation

Recalling his past, he smiled and sobbed, because he was The Real Champion.

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