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The Unexpected Reward

The Unexpected Reward

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In her teens, Taking nature photos was her hobby, she told

"Adventurous" she called herself, and always kept her hold.

As she aged, in her professional life, she dwelled

Her hobby, to her distress, was often withheld.

Came a period, her office schedule got so busy

No time for my hobby, she complained, feeling fussy.

She needed a break, she everyday felt so tensed

I need to go out somewhere, one day in her mind she sensed.

She packed her bag, and traveled far across one fine day

Her will was to roam free, and she kept going her way.

In the midst of all, she stopped and she listened

The scene of nature, her true passion, made her mind enlightened.

In the nature's design, she saw a wild scenery

The sky blue, the yellow sun and the lush greenery.

In a blink, her favorite hobby flashed in her mind

Let's capture this, she said, for mother nature was always so kind.

Out she got her camera, and snapped as she always did

After a long time, she felt like she was a kid.

One with nature, she felt as she was roaming around

Here is my passion, here is my love, here lies my happiness, she finally found.

"I'm quitting," she told her boss, when she joined back, feeling snob

"What happened", asked her boss, "You were doing a wonderful job.."

"I've found my true passion ," she said, "my happiness is to be one with nature,

I would like to follow it",she exclaimed, "and would love to continue it in Future."

She uploaded her photos on a contest, and won the first prize,

On the stage she went to receive it, with tears of happiness in her eyes.

As she climbed atop the podium, the crowd gave her a huge applaud

She finally found her Bliss, and this was her Unexpected Reward.

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