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Humanity Is The Best Religion

Humanity Is The Best Religion

2 mins

A building investor he was, greedy always & interested in property,

Only to grab wealth, and never donate, he considered everything as his lottery.

His car broke down one night in the ghats, and heavily it started to rain,

A shelter he searched, for his efforts to start his car went in vain.

Alone he explored in the jungle, but nothing was coming in view,

A small hutment he saw in the dark, and someone must be residing inside, he knew.

Those few steps towards the hut felt for him like a mile,

As he knocked, an old man opened the door, and welcomed him with a smile.

A hot soup the old man gave him, which energised him and tasted the best,

He laid down on the nearby bed, as exhausted he was, he needed some rest.

Totally refreshed, he woke up the next morning,

Serving food the old man was to homeless kids, all of them happy and cheering.

Poor you are, he asked, still you're giving bread so happily,

What would your kids eat, he questioned, don't you have a family?

Delight is what I get from giving, the old man replied, that's why I give joyfully,

The World's my Family, and I like it when people accept my gifts cheerfully.

Giving is receiving my friend, said the old man, for the World is full of abundance,

Offer wholeheartedly, and feel the bliss, but never do it with reluctance.

Feeling triumph, the investor left, and he made a big decision,

I'll surely give what I have, he promised himself, for Humanity is the best Religion.

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