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Kapil sharma

Abstract Tragedy


Kapil sharma

Abstract Tragedy

Changing Time .......

Changing Time .......

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With the changing time, everything changes...

Changing time will bring many changes- good & bad

But few things change to best but a lot changes to worst.....

The goodness of seasons changes to thunders and disasters,

In spring, the fragrance of flowers is gone,

The scorching heat of summers rises unconditionally

The frosty winters are turned into bleak,

The autumn goes without a leaf landed to heavenly earth

The magnificent forests are desolated into deserts,

The snow-capped mountains are spin into craggy lands

The glassy lakes are turned into the filthy water

The charming cities are turned into bustling industrial bunkers,

The beautiful woodland villages are spins into lost wastelands,

The changing time brought out evil all around everywhere,

The people are engaged in malpractices that diminish the quality of the environment,

The selfish and cruel behavior of people just gave a severe blow to disasters

The changing time brought out the effect of doing bad in the past centuries.

Truly speaking the essence of living and beauty of environment starting vanishes.......

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