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Karuna Gajjalla



Karuna Gajjalla


#Break The Bias

#Break The Bias

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It wasn't going to be an easy journey henceforth, 

Anu realised rather sadly.

All her life she had been a doting daughter, loving sister, dutiful wife, an obedient daughter in law, a great sister in law and now was about to enter the most despised role of a mother in law! Karan had chosen to marry a girl of his choice and had suddenly announced it casually at the dinner table.

Little did she know there was someone in his life.

It was expected but they didn't expect it to happen so soon. Nevertheless, Anu was more than thrilled to welcome her daughter in law into her fold but a bit hesitant. She didn't want to be the typical mother in law that society portrayed.

Rude, unkind, demanding, unadjustable, vindictive, malicious and so on. Times had changed now.

When she had entered matrimony, she had been scared to the core. She had met her would-be husband only a couple of times before marriage. And most of the time she was sweating out of fright rather than love!

In fact, her husband had been worried that if she was unwell or had a BP issue !

She knew nothing about the family where she would be living for the rest of her life. That was how it was in those days.

The worst part was she could not share her fears with anyone. Neither her mom nor dad.

It was completely normal to marry a stranger but to fall in love was taboo. But now she decided to set her fears at rest. 

She was all set to break the bias. She decided to set a new trend. 

She would make life beautiful for the new bride. She would ask them to shift to their new flat and discover the beauty of life for themselves.

As the bride had come away from her parents, let the groom make the same sacrifice.

Let them start their new life on an equal footing. Fewer expectations from everyone around so that the new couple could enjoy the novelty of being married... They would come over whenever they felt like it.

This was breaking the bias and practising equality in marriage, starting a new trend of gender equality in wedlock. 

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