Bled Lanka

Bled Lanka

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She was hardly four

Walk around just to play more,

Innocent eyes have seen love only

Mind what would she wore.

This morning mom dress her

As white angle to praise her

Like Cinderella she knew of

Cutest creation to embrace far.

She knew very less of God's say

But enough to believe and pray

Full of crowd that loves him

When she reached for Easter Sunday.

Sunny day it was bashed

Many more have rushed

All lovers of God together

Prayers and shares that hushed.

A guy with colour and blood as same

But with different and strong name

Who was blind to see anyone

Hatred with powders he cared for fame.

It took a second

So teary screams in bond,

Into fire with blood all over

Burning churches what he turned.

The girl she was lying

Bellow the desk bleeding

Those hands of her mother

The last thing she was holding.

Dusky and dirt of a hatred

For whom She was bled

Easter as she knew of

Not what she was afraid.

Let the candles burn again

In the names of blood stain

So soar the Lord to cling upon

May be another song for the rain.

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