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An Oath To Femininity!

An Oath To Femininity!

1 min

Hereby declaring to all wild men

Who roam about uncurbed and rampant,

My soul is wounded, my body bleeds,

But my instincts don't allow me to succumb to your ill deeds,

I've disowned my fears,

I have shred those apprehensions,

I run untamed beyond trivial boundary,

Your eerie shadows upon my curvy silhouettes

Do not scare me anymore

Rage and revenge flow into my veins,

My bruises roar, my scars scream

I'm not meant to satisfy your lust and lechery,

My grace, my beauty and my hues

Aren't invitations to reward me treachery

Every inch of my flesh demands justice,

Gentlemen, it's time you understand what trust is

Or there are other ways that are known to me,

My fears are ephemeral,

But my strength eternal

I may burn the hands that ruin my dignity,

I shall punish the cannibals without pity

I need no sword, i need no armors,

My strength shall be my ultimate savior!

Beware of me, and all women round the city,

Time and again, we'll preserve our femininity!

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