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Midnight Mystry



Midnight Mystry


An Angel or A Devil

An Angel or A Devil

2 mins

The sun is drowning and the apocalypse is here

Men are trembling in despair and fear

Hell is empty and the monster is real

The dreaded reality itself seems surreal 

Goodman has become corrupt and there is nowhere to run

Everything was going so well, when did the tide turn?

Some time ago there were smiles and cheers

The storm came out of nowhere, the weather seemed so clear

With chilly winds, everything is covered in ashes white

Everything reduced to rubble in the eternal fire that is still burning bright

Again I am asking, where was the starting point?

Since when is the eerie shadow lingering in the house ad-joint?

Who created this monster, sinister and vile?

When did the good innocent boy learn to defile?

Was an egregious face concealed by a flawless mask?

“Where did I go wrong child?” His weeping mother asked

Malefactor with smile reflected on his past

“If I had to do this all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.” Said the outcast

Never-ever acknowledged by the ones he loved

Hypocrites their own philosophies of right and wrong, down his throat shoved

Friends were friends laughing behind his back

At every given chance, the opportunists on his dignity would attack

“Blame me for my actions, because I’m not sorry.

Neither I’m interested to tell my side of the story”

The wailing boy in a dark corner is all cried out

Now he will feed on the chaos, screams, and shouts

The empathetic boy is long gone, who was broken down piece by piece

The vengeful soul that is now left only knows how the doom shall be released

“I wanted to leave a mark, a trace in this world,” he said 

“Whether in the blessings or curses, depends on those are dead.

I am not afraid of the pain; I am familiar with the sour taste of blood

I learned long before, the worth of life is garbage and mud.

And now that my time has come I will you with a thought

For the right price, even virtues and morals can be bought

Humanity’s greatest enemies are humans themselves

Always looking for an excuse to blame someone else

For I am creature filled with animosity, I’m no longer human-being

For someone whose entire life has been a burden, the death can be surprisingly freeing

And don’t worry my old man; I am the one to be blamed for my sins.

I am not some coward to criticize my kin.”

“Any last words?” The apathetic man asked the prisoner

The criminal with a grin spoke “Thanks to my friend for being such a good listener.

 And before you snatch my life away, remember, God merely made mortals, not good or evil

Society makes out of a man, an Angel or a Devil”

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