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Amma, My Dearest!

Amma, My Dearest!

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It was love at first sight for both of us,

Her tenderness, warmth, coziness gave my shape.

She carried me on her shoulder for miles,

And bike ride standing in front felt flying.

Hiding behind her saree at scared times,

Hugging her tight at sleep gave confidence,

She made school lessons learnt easy,

Embedded values and morals into me,

No wonder she made me a girl of difference.

She was one amongst my friend’s gang,

A popular and loved teacher amongst all,

My friends envy I had a COOL MOM,

She was always my Pride.

My Pals call her Mrs Pretty,

Her food, lip smacking with pleasure,

A teacher who is a student’s delight,

Her learning thrive never ending,

She achieved highest rank of linguist in Sanskrit.

So mature, she gave me to my darling,

With no envy and jealousy.

She knows I will always stand by her,

She has given everything to make me,

And expects nothing in return.

I learnt to love from her.

All I gotta say is “I love you amma”

I will always keep up your trust

And make you a proud mommy.

Thanking you can never be enough,

I owe you my life.

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