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Venkatesh R

Abstract Inspirational Children


Venkatesh R

Abstract Inspirational Children

The Architect of Probability

The Architect of Probability

2 mins

Been in darkness, frigidity, 

and a peaceful world.

Thrusting to a spot of flare 

and the vociferous globe.

Out of my comfort zone, life exists. 

I learned while I cry.

Things haul differently, then they felt before.

As people celebrate my presence, through the gleams of their eyes, touch, and emotions.

Love and affections are better communicated through action than through words.

I learned while I cry.

Anguish in the midriff, 

I have been in distress not felt before. 

while being part of my mother, 

With perplexing emotion, silence didn't pacify me, but screams did.

The hunger, silence, and scream taught me to raise a question, scream does have benefits when you get unnoticed, but use them only when you couldn't handle the misery, while people value your presence.

As I learned, while I cry.

Like critters around me, while enjoying the moment, at abode and academy.

Friendship, petting, relationship, and socializing are necessary skills for survival, but they need not judge you and are options worth trying.

Days pass by,

As stages of stamina diffused. 

Realization taught me.

Not all are identical in society, 

no matter how many leaders preach.

Not all esprit is lenient, 

to every soul, residing in this world.

Not all stage speakers, writers, and well-wishers live through their actions.

Not all smiles and cries depict the rules laid by society.

Not all impolite people are evil, 

Not all genuine people are promising, 

as situations pull out their glosses.

Not all fondness needs to end in relation, 

some best vigor in memories.

Not all tear, reflects pain. some mean exhaustion, regrets, and happiness reflecting emotions.

Not all despair and pleasure are immortal,

but they teach you humbleness and resilience.

Numbers do play a role in life, through wealth, and health, but don't lead to containment and happiness.

Love is an essential ingredient of life, but not as much as self-love and selfless love.

Our personality need not be defined by others' responses, as self-respect is better than people pleasing.

Hustle, but with breaks, as all of us are human in this fast-paced robotic world, 

while balancing the accounts sheets of responsibility.

We get diverged into various categories 

while traversing the unpredictable journey.

As I stay assertive, with hopes while aging!

I keep collaring, with time, populace, and capital the rudimentary of life.

Everyone's venture differs but can be comprehended and unlearned, 

based on our values.

Withering is part of life, 

which regales us with 

parity, a blessing from nature. 

No matter in which stage of life we are, we can be reincarnated not just through our organs, but through our thought as well, by being in bond with nature.

We are groomed, as we share life with strangers, but there is a teacher in each of these persons, and situations as we evolve and reincarnate from those lessons.

Teachers are omnipotent, they exist beyond the classroom, 

the universal soul.

They are the architect, of our probability of existence.

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