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Allegiance With Silence

Allegiance With Silence

2 mins

Your allegiance is with silence

When I opened my eyes to this world,

Started understanding how each cog in the machine works,

I was told your allegiance is with silence,

You are the cog who is shunned and sent behind the scenes.

Your opinion isn't of importance I was told,

Time and time again I was reminded of the shackles I was bonded with.

I was silent when I was being shunned 'cause my allegiance was with silence.

I was silent when I was bonded 'cause my allegiance was with silence.

Each moment of silence gave me wounds of treachery, betrayal of my soul.

I cried my eyes out seeing my soul oozing out through these wounds,

Then came the day where I lay lifeless waiting for someone to resuscitate me.

I gave the death blow to myself by waiting for someone to revive me,

The biggest wound was inflicted my me I realised.

Before anyone shunned me, I shunned myself,

Before anyone bonded me, I bonded myself,

Before Fighting every norm that defined me, I defined myself as weak and incapable.

I was my own hostage.

A hostage who had nothing of her own,

A hostage with a realisation,

Tables had turned and the time had come to avenge each wound,

Then,I rose like a phoenix from the ashes

Of my previous life and healed the wounds of silence,

For now was a time to take a flight which knew no bounds,

A flight which wasn't bothered by terrains nor my the obstacles in its way,

Which only knew to fly, whose allegiance was with freedom.

I made those realise who shunned me that

I too was the cog due to which the wheels turn.

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