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Deepika reddy

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Deepika reddy

Fantasy Others



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There once was a rose, an Elysian one

Her beauty ethereal, her scent like the nectar,

Her petals divine and delicate

With an eternal shine.

She was the Khaleesi, seated on the throne,

A queen whose reign just began

Every second perfect, every moment a dream come true.

The world was hers and it lay at her feet.


Just when she thought the time was hers and

Would be her constant aide, the light faded,

It decided to prove otherwise,

She started to wither.

One after the other, her petals fell

So did she perish.

Poor thing had no one to tell her

'Time is a traitor, nor yours nor mine.

Never one's friend, nor one's enemy.

It'll make you shine like the brightest star,

It'll make you fall, a memory never recollected.

Time is a Trickster, will arise hope, will shatter faith.

Think it's yours; there can be no bigger m'take.

Little one, it's after all the Devil's mate.'


With no one by her side, not even her shadow

For there was no light,

Her crown taken away, buried

Under the throne she once sat on.

The reverie proved wrong, enough to break

Her fragile heart. She lay dying

At the world's feet, tears she never knew.

The last thing she discerned,

Everything an illusion, her stature a lie.

Her absence never felt, her presence now didn't matter.

For the first time, she tasted the bitter of truth.

She now knew her days were gone and would never return.

She was just another flower in his garden,

Who was now nothing but ash.




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