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Surabhi chouhan

Tragedy Drama


Surabhi chouhan

Tragedy Drama

Afterlife Lover

Afterlife Lover

1 min 524 1 min 524

"Last thing I remember before closing my eyes is your fingers locked in mine

The key was never invented which could unlock our hands

A jump from the sky and a dive in the deepest ocean

Won't be enough to explain how you complete me

And how I complete you too

Because even afterlife of mine is destined to be with you

A ghost who lives with his love forever

Laughs at her not so funny jokes and remembers her lively face"

People have seen him crying at her grave

Just because their coffins were not the same

And the distance was just too much to bear

He promised to give her all the joys he could and she promised him her time

He promised to die with her, She promised him a life

It was the news last monday that two souls escaped

It was a car crash so well planned that they were smiling even after dieing 

A Porche got damped which they bought together

His last words to her were about their dog

Who is still waiting for them to come home

Their favorite song was still running in the car

They were still together yet so far

The last photograph that went viral was

Her fingers locked in his hand and key was never invented to open.

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