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Komal Raichandani


After That

After That

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You recall the first one who hurt you,

And every single one after that,

You’ve bled, and you bleed, for the love

That you need

But can’t have

You came back just to hurt me again

You could’ve left me alone for that

The hurt that I feel, imagined or real

It can’t take me back

It can’t take me back

“You dirty little whore”, he screamed

Through a crack in the ceiling went her


Fly away, fly away little no-one

Come back to me when you’re someone

She ran away

And never came back

After that

After that, and the rest that you told me

No wonder you cry when you hold me

Your fear will not let me go but I’m going


You’re frightened, and frightening

But I’ll try not to let that disturb me

Just close your eyes and sleep

I promise not to sneak away

I promise not to sneak away

And I never went back after that.

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