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Saibal Ray

Action Crime Thriller


Saibal Ray

Action Crime Thriller



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You said soviets were bad.

So you created Mujahideen.

You became successful

And bade goodbye to Lenin.

You gave them gunpowder

Instead of a dream.

You used them as your weapon

To destroy red team.

You told the world to preach

What you practise.

You told them to worship your

Sense of justice.

You created the monster

To teach them a lesson.

But the monster did hit

Your fragile nation.

Your land for the first time

Smelled gunpowder.

You thought that a few died;

You still had the power.

You told the people that

You were going to take revenge.

And you killed an amplified projection

With courage.

You wrote the script well

And you enacted it with skill.

Your minions around the globe

Shouted ‘Kill Bill’.

So Bill was dead but

The monster was not.

It grasped the old opium

And arose with a shot.

Again you tried to manage it

With gunpowder.

But the monster did not like you

As the saviour.

You planted the seed and

Now it’s a poison tree.

You told them that gunpowder

Is the only way to be free.

You did not realise that

They needed a dream.

You used them for your mission

To kill the red team.

You became successful.

But the spark did smoulder.

They fell in love with opium

And gunpowder.

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