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Shubhangi Kotwal

Abstract Classics


Shubhangi Kotwal

Abstract Classics

A Turning Phase.....

A Turning Phase.....

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A turning phase...

Corona has come like a curse for the

The universe as a whole and it has turned 

Everything ups and down, a curse that is 

Only for a human being who is been inventing 

New things and using for own benefits !!!

A turning phase... 

Is it a time to learn a lesson that is now 

Taught to us by other living beings like 

Animals, birds, creatures, species, and 

The nature itself like plants and trees, 

Rivers and seawater, forests and lakes 

And a blue-white sky and environment !!!

A turning phase...

They all are teaching and telling us that 

..look, man !!!! Do you think you are a king on this earth? 

And is this your kingdom which you are ruling for centuries ?? 

With not much consideration for other living beings? 

You need to be punished now and taught a lesson which should change your nature !!

A turning phase...

Animals said: you cut trees from jungles, 

You are snatching a place where we wonder 

Birds said: you are snatching our place and 

Over trafficking, polluting sky with the smoke of 

Flights and other hazardous smoke from 

Factory ' chimnies 'and threatening us by 

Not giving us clean sky to fly n murmuring!!

A turning phase.....

Creatures said: you are occupying the 

Surface and dumping all plastic and waste 

And not leaving space empty and clean. For 

The farming you are using pesticides and 

Harmful fertilizers which are spoiling the soil 

Species said: you are throwing chemicals 

Mixed and hazardous liquids in water, and 

Causing our lives a threat and uncomfort !!

A turning phase...

Trees, plants in forests, environment and 

Nature says: you are driving vehicles on 

Road and spreading pollution everywhere 

And making harm to us and to our growth, 

You are cutting trees and using nature for 

Your selfish reasons and polluting this air!!

A turning phase ...

All are saying colleçtively to human beings : 

That look you próudy and selfish living being 

You now sit inside at home, this sky, soil, 

Surface, water, sea, rivers, lakes, forests 

Roads, air, trees, nature, the whole things, 

Surrounding environment is ours because it 

Is now clean and the way we want that to be

We too own all this and we too have rights!!

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