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Sampriti Bhattacharyya



Sampriti Bhattacharyya


The Last Storm

The Last Storm

2 mins

It was another dusk, when I got

The earnest call, I nearly forgot

It was raining, it was a feast

I had to attend, like a beast

She groaned, she gasped in pain

I had to dash despite the rain.

It was hard for me to ignore

The storm grinned, the wind did roar

Like the throbs eating me away,

I came, crimson cheeks made a sway

Enough to vex me, to hold me close,

To show the fury a silence she chose.

By her or by my heaven's will

Silent we stayed together, for long until

I stood up and put my cloak off,

The gloves I laid aside, with a little scoff

She glanced at me and I knelt

By her side, with my hair untied.

Barefoot, she stood up, took some dust

Handful, I wondered what I must

Do then, she sat by me again,

A fire from heart did reach my brain. 

Murmuring I smiled with all love I had,

She looked, she watched and hardly said a word.

I told her how the man kissed me

With flame and love and obscure glee.

She listened and made her fists so strong

That they trembled."Wrong!Wrong!"

She screamed and got hold of my hair.

Laid her cheek on my shoulder, bare.

I dreamt of him. I dreamt and dreamt

When she dared to make her first attempt

To kiss me, kiss, that sudden jolt

I could not bear, I tried to bolt

She smiled at my being blushed, a grin

I could never forget, I have seen

Her eyes, her forehead, glazing in sweat,

I embraced her at last and could not but let

The poison rush through and through my tongue,

I slept, it was a merry song she sung.

I felt my strings of hair strangling my throat,

Blood oozing from her nostrils, so remote

I heard him saying "Marry me, dear!"

I shivered and fell flat with no fear.

I could feel cold sweat and blood

Dropping from my lady, on my throat, the mud

On my gown was quite dry meanwhile,

We slept and slept much together, a mile 

Far was my home, my lord was there, 

I smiled for the last time, with a sneer.

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