Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

A Regular Middle-class Man

A Regular Middle-class Man

3 mins

After eternity I went to my old house

I can still hear my lovely spouse

She passed away a long time ago

I always wished if I could relive my time with her though

We had our fair share of fights

In the end every-time I realized, my wife was always right

This place has changed so much

Yet it still has that homier-comfy touch

My whole life stared flashing before my eyes

In a small cradle baby Robert cried

My mother without a doubt was the most delightful creature

She was also my first teacher

I still remember my resilient old man

There was this terror of his anger; I chuckled remembering how that small child trembling before him used to stand

But he taught me how to be tough

It’s only because of him I learnt how to fight when situations get rough…

Looking back I realized I’m just a regular middle-class man

In order to fulfill our every need, in advance I had to plan

I was never too poor neither too rich

But I always tried to save nine by giving in proper time a stitch

Now I found myself standing in front of my school

Man I was such a tool…

There were so many memories of me and my friends

We all were almost from same background, where our families used to strive to meet the ends

We didn’t have much wants back then I guess

We knew how to enjoy the most from less

And now skipping to my college days

It was indeed a wild phase

There I met the love of my life

My beautiful Amanda, my wife

We had our first kiss in the rain

How we used to meet on the station and wait for our respective trains

With her everything was so easy

Our romance was old school I guess, it was a bit cheesy

We had a simple wedding

We were young and eager to know where our life would be heading

She was better than everything I could ever had asked for

With every passing day I loved her a little more

She was my best friend, my better half

With her by my side, even in sadness I could laugh

And then she gave me the good news

When the tiny little hand held my finger, I was beyond amused

It was around that time we bought this house where right now I am standing

Everyday life became more and more demanding

But with my head held high, I can say with pride

I never failed those who loved me in this roller coaster ride

I never earned too much or had great ambitions

But I knew how to be happy even in worst of conditions

 And the same values and ethics were passed down to my gorgeous daughter

Never lose your self-respect and dignity whatever maybe the matter…

I was one of those lucky men who could grow old with their love

Until five years ago when she got her calling for above

I had a wonderful life where I don’t have any regrets

As just a few moments ago I took my last breathe

Amanda is lending me her hand from heaven bearing the prettiest smile ever

 And finally, we'll again relive forever…

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