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Rachel Singhal



Rachel Singhal


A New Me

A New Me

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A regular life I had been living,

School during the day, badminton in the evening

But then something happened that no one had foreseen

Yes, a new disease was born, by the name Covid-19.

That was when my life turned upside down

And my smile was changed into a frown

I was caged in the four walls of my home

How hard this was for me, you cannot fathom.    

Yes, this was the hardest challenge I have ever faced

All traces of my normal life were erased.

Still, I didn’t waste time, I started reading more

Immersing myself into tales of fantasy and lore.

Then I started writing short pieces of poetry like this one,

I wrote more and more; a new interest had begun.

There was no stopping me, I made my own website

New blogs and stories every day I wanted to write.

I definitely miss meeting my friends and classmates

But my new besties are the stories that I narrate

While staying at home, I travel into new worlds every day

My books and novels take me far away.

So although I hope everything returns to the way it was before

And that no one has to suffer anymore

Still, I must say, this situation brought out my creativity

Yes, the hardest challenge brought about a new me.

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