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Sovan Mohanty



Sovan Mohanty


A Mother's Dream

A Mother's Dream

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The night was getting darker and darker. It was raining cats and dogs. Thunder shook the ground. Among these tremendous sounds, there was a faint screaming heard. As if someone is in immense pain.

Jaya was having her labour pain. Prashant was worried. He constantly asked her mother-in-law about Jaya’s condition.

“Mummy, is Jaya well? Has the delivery been done?”

“Prashant does not worry, nothing will happen to Jaya and your child.”

Suddenly the screaming stopped. There was a crying voice…. The nurse arrived with the baby and said.

“Congratulations Sir, It’s a Baby Girl, Goddess Laxmi has come to your house.”

Prashant couldn’t believe his eyes he jumped with full joy. Then he took the baby in his hands.

“Careful Sir!! Babies are very delicate.” The nurse warned

“Yes, Yes… My Lovely Daughter, My sweet little doll, do you know my soul now resides in you. You are the apple of my eyes”

Suddenly the doctor came out and called the nurse, the nurse came running. There was panic in the labour room. After sometime Doctor came out. Prashant came running and asked,

“Doctor is my Jaya alright”

“Mr Prashant, she is alright but unfortunately, she he is paralyzed now. Due to Aclampsia, her bottom part of the body is paralyzed. We are now shifting her to the ward.”

Prashant was shocked he couldn’t believe it. When he saw Jaya in the wheelchair, he couldn’t hold back his tears and poured his heart out.

Jaya said, “Don’t cry Prashant, nothing has happened to me I will be fine. Even though I am paralyzed I am happy. The doctor said that I might have died. Fortunately, only the bottom part is paralyzed.”

“Jaya you said that you wanted to come back after the pregnancy but now, how you can.....”

“Don’t worry Prashant, I have already arranged about it. See here comes our little tigress who will fulfil my dreams, my dream of making India the World Champion in Women’s Kabbadi. I will name her Sampoorna.”

A year passed, Sampoorna had grown to be a strong girl, full of ambition and determination. She had become the school’s Kabaddi team’s captain. She practised hard day and night. Soon she was selected for the U-19 Kabbadi World Cup in the India Team. She was asked to report at Chennai. But unfortunately, due to some administerial error, her letter got stuck in the govt office.

She got the information from her best friend. Parshant overheard their talks,

“Sam. Don’t worry we will go together. We have to go to Jaipur now and we will reach there tomorrow morning.”

“But Dad I have a flight to Chennai at 6 in the morning”

“Let's give it a try. We can do it. Remember we are in it together”

Sam, Prashant and Jaya started off their journey from Bikaner. They travelled the whole night, but unfortunately due to traffic congestion they couldn’t make it to the airport on time and Sam had to miss her flight.

“Don’t lose your heart, Sam”

“Whatever happens, happens for good”

After some years, Sam was studying at Rajputana University. When one day, there were selections of national kabaddi teams were going on. Sam decided to participate. She was determined. When she showcased her kabaddi skills the selectors were stunned. They were extremely impressed.

“How come you know this technique, even the best players in our country don’t know this.”

“Thank you, sir. Actually, my Mom taught me Kabaddi. She was the Indian captain, before her marriage”

“What’s her name?”

“Jaya Nigam”

“Oh My God, you are Jaya’s daughter, that’s extremely nice.”

Sam was selected and soon she started climbing the stairs of success. Within a short span of time, she took over the captaincy of the Indian Team. She led India into the World Cup 2020 finals.

The final match was against the strong Iran team. The match started and soon Sam was the only name everyone shouted. Finally she cliched the trophy. In the Medal ceremony, she was asked to speak some lines.

“I would like to dedicate this trophy to my parents and especially my mom, who inculcated this dream in me, thank you, mom, so much, you are the one who has made me what I am today.”

Sam choked… her eyes were full of tears. Jaya too became emotional. Sam lifted the trophy high up in the air….

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